Blade to the Heat Goes Spanish

BY Jon Barrett

July 16 2010 2:14 PM ET


The production at Prometeo is bold, with live music and choreographed
fights that look a lot better than the usual professional pay per view.
The actors come from the Prometeo conservatory training program, the
only one in the nation that conducts its teaching totally in Spanish.
The actors are gorgeous to look at and full of fire. The play will have
subtitles in English (no reason for non-Spanish speakers to feel
excluded), and there are entire scenes that mix the languages freely, as
people do who live at the nexus of cultures. Joann Yarrow directs with
fierce and open-eyed determination to get at a deeper truth about race
and sexuality, and the terrible and beautiful ways that men treat men.

now? We hope that Filo Al Fuego finds a vibrant new audience of LGBT
and straight Latino Americans, not only in Miami but throughout the States, turned on by the event and the explosive passions of the play,
seeing a story unfold that they might never otherwise consider
experiencing, and hearing the kind of Spanish that is seldom spoken onstage β€” full of desire and hope, regret and venom, sex and loss.

Sounds pretty hot to me.

Tags: Theater