JOHN CARROLL X390 | ADVOCATE.COMI don't remember any particular event happening when I was younger that made me want to dance. There was no bolt of lightning or bloody palms. However, as with the priesthood, I feel deep down it is my calling (or is that just gas?). A nasty case of spinal meningitis when I was younger did a number on my balance (and my hearing), so when I asked my parents if I could take dance lessons, both they and the doctors agreed it would be good for my equilibrium. That was it. I had found my ticket to get the hell out of Dodge. Dance has opened doors and given me opportunities that still blow my mind. WOTV is filled with those moments.

For example, in rehearsal today, we had our first run through of the show. A "run-through" basically means we did the show all the way through from beginning to end. Not too shabby for the first time. It is really an amazing thing to see a show come to life. When you learn scenes in rehearsal, it's so fragmented. At times it's hard to imagine how things all piece together. Then elements that you thought maybe weren't working suddenly click. Like magic.

We go into the Belasco Theatre tomorrow. I'm so excited I could spit. The theater recently went through major renovations and is now one of the most beautiful theaters on Broadway. It will be the happy home Patti and I share for what I hope is a long and successful run. Stop on by for some good old-fashioned hair braiding and s'mores! 

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