Patti Takes a Bow




What are some of the other great stage roles that you’re yearning to play?
I don’t
really think like that. If someone says, “You should play this,” I’d
say. “Yeah?” But I don’t think that way, mostly because I’m lazy. Also,
the thing I love is the surprise element of my career. I never know
what’s coming next.

Are there any young performers on Broadway who remind you of yourself?
No, they broke the mold when they made me. [Laughs]

Well, who do you admire on Broadway right now?
The choreographer’s work in American Idiot was unbelievable. And I thought the cast was pretty great. I love Vanessa [Redgrave]. I would see Vanessa do anything. I can’t wait to see Driving Miss Daisy with Vanessa and James Earl Jones and Boyd Gaines.

Do you think a TV show like Glee will create a new audience for musical theater?

Yes, yes, and more yeses. I hope they don’t get campy and crazy, but yes. You know what, everyone wants to be in a Broadway musical. Over and out. If you’ve a young girl tap-dancing in toe shoes in Fort Lauderdale Fla., everybody wants to be on Broadway. Bono is writing a musical. For some reason everyone wants to be on Broadway or write a Broadway musical. I don’t get it. As a performer, they certainly don’t know how difficult it is. I don’t know what the rockers are thinking ... Oh, now we’d better write a Broadway musical. It’s so crazy to me. [Laughs]

What goes through your mind when look back at the illustrious career you’ve had so far?

I don’t think like that. I can’t watch myself on TV. I don’t know many performers who go, “Oh, I was great!” The line I always use, which is tongue-in-cheek, is “I’m just not a big fan of me.” [Laughs] I can’t look at it. I just do my work and move on.

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