Seat Filler: NYC Theater Guide for February 2011

The Advocate’s man on the New York theater scene found time this February to reminisce with Oscar Wilde’s lover, get an enema from Varla Jean Merman, and strap one on for Tennessee Williams.

BY Brandon Voss

March 01 2011 1:30 PM ET

VIEUX CARRE X390 (Franck Beloncle) | ADVOCATE.COM

Vieux Carré
Audaciously directed by Elizabeth LeCompte, the Wooster Group’s exhilarating revival uses experimental artistry to uncover the cigarette-stained soul of this 1977 Tennessee Williams flop. As the gay writer in a seedy 1930s New Orleans boardinghouse, a terrific jockstrap-clad Ari Fliakos interacts with a violent young stud and a tubercular gay letch, neighbors both played by Scott Shepherd, with a strap-on highlighting the ugliness of lust.
Jerome Robbins Theater at Baryshnikov Arts Center, through March 13.


A Perfect Future
Starring Donna Bullock and Jeffrey’s Michael T. Weiss as unstable couple Natalie and John, David Hay’s engaging, darkly comic drama puts a compelling racial-political twist on Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? replacing Nick and Honey with a gay fix-up: Daniel Oreskes as a friend from their days as college radicals and Scott Drummond as a young guy from John’s firm. As they open expensive bottles of wine, hideous true colors shine.
Cherry Lane Theatre, through March 6.

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