Seat Filler: NYC Theater Guide for March 2011

The Advocate’s man on the New York theater scene thumbs a ride on Priscilla, outs a gay Mormon, climbs Daniel Radcliffe’s corporate ladder, does ghetto drag with John Leguizamo, and brings Fanny Brice back from the dead.

BY Brandon Voss

April 07 2011 3:25 PM ET


Led by Michael Levinton, the Little Lord theater company, a self-described “rough and ready collective of shiksas, queers, and misinformed Jews,” joyously tackle the biblical Book of Esther with cheesy prom dresses, dollar-store props, and an interactive children’s theater style that schools with whiskey shots. I didn’t care about the Purim plot, so it’s a testament to the gender-bending troupe’s shabby-chic skills that I was tickled throughout.
Under St. Marks, closed April 2. 

 A Lonely Man's Habit X390 (JOSEPH WEIMAN) | ADVOCATE.COM  

A Lonely Man’s Habit
Performed in rep as part of the See-Saw Solo Festival, Jeremy Lawrence’s one-man tribute to Tennessee Williams scrapes together journal entries, quips, and play excerpts to create a portrait of the aging playwright as he sneaks from a sleeping trick to scribble, read, and toy with his thoughts on, among other things, his lost loves. Lawrence is a good storyteller and a very impressive interpreter, but only hardcore Williams fans need attend.
The Cell, through April 16.

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