Seat Filler: Best NYC Theater of 2011

The Advocate's man on the New York theater scene counts down the top 10 LGBT-inclusive productions of the past year.

BY Brandon Voss

January 02 2012 12:39 PM ET

10. Camp Wanatachi
Created by star Natalie Elizabeth Weiss and featuring soul-stirring electro beats by Machinedrum, this uplifting and endlessly impressive musical starred Marissa O’Donnell as Jana, a 13-year-old whose pious Christian beliefs get rocked by her unlikely romance with new camper Titi O’Malley, a slutty bulimic played by Krystina Alabado. Like Skins meets Saved!, it was a smart, surprisingly respectful satire of sexuality and spiritual faith.

La MaMa E.T.C., closed February 6.

9. One Arm
Adapted by out director Moisés Kaufman with narration recalling Tom from The Glass Menagerie, an unproduced 1967 Tennessee Williams screenplay came hauntingly to life courtesy of the New Group and Tectonic Theater Project. You couldn’t take your eyes off hunky out actor Claybourne Elder, which made him ideal to play Ollie, a boxer who becomes a gay-for-pay hustler and death row inmate after losing an arm in an accident.

The Acorn Theatre at Theatre Row, closed July 2.


8. Southern Comfort
At turns uplifting and devastating, this folk-bluegrass musical by Julianne Wick and Dan Collins — based on Kate Davis’s 2001 documentary — celebrated a “chosen family” of trans friends in rural Georgia who debate whether gender is in the head or between the legs. Annette O’Toole was a revelation as Robert Eads, a trans man denied care for ovarian cancer, and Jeff McCarthy found the humor and heart in his trans girlfriend Lola.
CAP21 Black Box Theatre, closed October 29

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