PHOTOS: Lesbian-Themed Play Mala Hierba Premieres in NYC

A married Mexican-American woman rekindles a lesbian affair in a new off-Broadway drama by Tanya Saracho, a scribe for HBO's Looking and Girls.



Roberta Colindrez and Marta Milans in Mala Hierba
Roberta Colindrez and Marta Milans in Mala Hierba

A married Mexican-American woman rekindles her affair with a lesbian lover in Mala Hierba, a new drama by Tanya Saracho, a writer for the HBO series Looking and Girls.

Directed by Jerry Ruiz, the play officially opened Monday and runs through August 9 off-Broadway at Second Stage Uptown's McGinn/Cazale Theatre. The all-female cast includes Roberta Colindrez, Sandra Marquez, Marta Milans, and Ana Nogueira.

"Liliana has a sparkle few can deny and no one can resist," according to press notes about the production. "The trophy wife of a border magnate living in Texas, she's seemingly impeccable. But beneath that polished exterior lies a fierce determination to survive at any cost. When Liliana's true desires break the surface, she’ll have to decide between the value of obligation and the price of freedom."

"Tanya's work is powerful, unexpected, and very contemporary and we are extremely proud to be giving this new American play its world premiere," says Chris Burney, curator of Second Stage Theatre Uptown, in a statement.

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Marta Milans and Roberta Colindrez

Marta Milans and Roberta Colindrez

Ana Nogueira and Marta Milans

Marta Milans and Ana Nogueira

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