Is Bring It On The Quintessential Musical for the 'It Gets Better' Generation?

Turns out that a Broadway musical based on a competitive cheerleading film can be uplifting — and not just for its high-flying routines.



One could call Bring It On the cheerleader version of You Got Served — it features well-choreographed, high-energy, high-flying routines and follows an inner-city high school team challenging a preppy rival for a national championship.

That may sound like unlikely fodder for a Broadway musical. But in the video below, Here TV host Josh Rosenzweig thinks that it totally works, and not just for younger viewers who liked the 2000 film.

Rosenzweig calls Bring It On the quintessential musical for the "It Gets Better" generation. It focuses on the importance of valuing your friends and family first, being yourself and winning as much more than just taking first place — great lessons no matter your age or hometown.

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