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The Scissor Sisters are taking an indefinite hiatus, they told London fans, but they say they'll be back.

October 26 2012 1:52 PM

Director Coy Middlebrook offers up a portrait of an American family at a deep crossroads, where three brothers must find the path to forgiveness and the courage to change — in today's political climate.

7:44 PM Updated

As we head into holiday season, many readers are gearing up for road trips. Best way to get through one? Audio books — they can be downloaded on your iPod or MP3 player or bought as CDs from several companies including the powerhouse (which works with Amazon and offers a variety of price plans including one book a month for $14.95) and the fiesty newcomer (which lets you stream as many books as you like for a flat monthly fee of $29.95). Here are just nine of our fave audio books with LGBT content.

7:07 PM

Nearing completion, Outfest's restoration of the historic 1919 German film Different From the Others requires support from viewers.

5:29 PM

Eric Stonestreet arranges a birthday surprise for Modern Family costar Jesse Tyler Ferguson, to the music of Katy Perry.

2:29 PM

Katie Couric isn't afraid to ask the hard questions — maybe that's why her new talk show's ratings are so good — and she recently asked singer Rod Stewart if he had his stomach pumped after a wild night with sailors in San Diego.

The long-standing rumor was debunked by the Brit singer, who blamed it on a vengeful former publicist.

2:09 PM