Wilson Cruz Passes Gay TV Teen Torch to 'Faking It' Cast
April 18 2014 1:41 PM ET

Wilson Cruz Passes Gay TV Teen Torch to Faking It Cast

Daniel Reynolds

The My So-Called Life trailblazer called gay actor Michael J. Willett his figurative 'grandchild' in a moderated discussion last night on the upcoming MTV show's progressive social agenda.

April 17 2014 2:15 PM ET

10 Queer Social Media Stars Ruling the Internet

When it comes to Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube, they rule the roost

April 17 2014 2:13 PM ET

Throwback Thursday: Alan Cumming Exposes Himself on the Cover

Broadway's bad boy takes it all off in 1999

April 17 2014 12:13 PM ET

20 Gay Power Couples You Should Know

The men and women influencing our lives just by their powerful relationships

April 16 2014 7:09 PM ET

Body Ready: Performance Grooming With Out Swimmer Amini Fonua

Openly gay swimmer Amini Fonua shares his manscaping tips

April 16 2014 7:08 PM ET

10 Transgender People Shattering Entertainment's Glass Ceiling

Expanding the reach of the transgender community in Hollywood

April 16 2014 5:27 PM ET

Fund This: EastSiders Launches Kickstarter Campaign For Second Season

One of our favorite web series will return — with your help!

April 14 2014 11:29 AM ET

Musto On: The 10 Gayest Movies Ever Made

And they were all in the 1960s and ‘70s!

April 14 2014 10:54 AM ET

Naomi Campbell Vocalizes Support for Trans Models on the Runway

While introducing Ellen Page at the GLAAD Media Awards, Naomi Campbell recognized trans models and honored Carmen Carrera.

April 11 2014 12:05 PM ET

EXCLUSIVE: Tom Ford 'An Ode To Oud' Featuring Nik Thakkar

Handsome tastemaker Nik Thakkar bathes in Tom Ford's new Private Blend Oud collection

PHOTOS: This Queer Photographer Wants to See Your 'GayFace'
April 11 2014 7:10 AM ET April 11 2014 3:56 PM ET

PHOTOS: Show Off Your 'GayFace'

Sunnivie Brydum

Queer artist and photographer Ashley Kolodner is working to take her powerful project, GayFace, into living rooms around the country. But she needs your help to do it.

April 09 2014 1:13 PM ET

Fund This: LGBTQ Photo Project Designed to Empower Queer Individuals

Ashley Kolodner hopes GAYFACE: 1st Class will form a poignant connection between the LGBTQ community and the general public.

April 08 2014 12:21 PM ET

Tom Ford & Richard Buckley: Now Married, How They Met

Tom Ford was a shy 25-year-old when he met magazine editor Richard Buckley. It took him the length of an elevator ride to decide he wanted to marry him.

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