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August 02 2002 11:00 PM ET

Rosie developing her memoirs as a stage musical Editors

August 01 2002 11:00 PM ET

Ellen to be first center square on revamped Hollywood Squares Editors

July 31 2002 11:00 PM ET

Tony Kushner postpones L.A. opening of Homebody/Kabul Editors

July 31 2002 11:00 PM ET

HBO pulls plug on Fire Island reality series Editors

July 30 2002 11:00 PM ET

NGLTF to present Leadership Awards Editors

July 30 2002 11:00 PM ET

Frida to open Venice film festival Editors

July 29 2002 11:00 PM ET

Two major gay films set for video debut Editors

July 26 2002 11:00 PM ET

CBS to produce J. Edgar Hoover TV movie Editors

July 25 2002 11:00 PM ET

British radio ignores new George Michael single Editors

July 24 2002 11:00 PM ET

Almodóvar to close New York Film Fest Editors

July 24 2002 11:00 PM ET

Sandra Bernhard burns bridges Editors

July 23 2002 11:00 PM ET

Baz Luhrmann joins the Alexander the Great brigade Editors

July 22 2002 11:00 PM ET

Elton John, David LaChapelle up for MTV Video Music Awards Editors