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The latest on Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States and the first black president to be elected. His influence concerning the LGBT rights movement has been detrimental in furthering equality. Under his presidency, the first openly gay U.S. courts of appeal was elected and he also nominated the six openly gay judges serving at the federal court level. In 2011 Barack Obama's administration repealed the DADT policy and the following year he formally stated he supports marriage equality for same-sex couples.
Op-ed: Obama Must Stand Up for LGBT Jamaicans

Op-ed: Obama Must Stand Up for LGBT Jamaicans

As the president arrives in Jamaica for the Summit of the Americas, he must defend the basic rights of gender and sexual minorities.

White House: 'We Share Your Concern' About Conversion Therapy

Obama Responds to Calls for 'Leelah's Law'

The Obama administration came out today in support of efforts to ban the dangerous, discredited practice known as conversion therapy.

WATCH: Obama Invokes Gay Rights Movement in Selma Commemoration

Obama's Selma Speech Invokes Gay Rights

The marchers at Selma opened doors for gay Americans and other marginalized groups, the president says.

WATCH: Obama Tearfully Says Goodbye to Attorney General Eric Holder

WATCH: Obama Tearfully Bids Adieu to Eric Holder

'Having good men in positions of power of authority who are willing to fight for what’s right — that's a rare thing,' said the president of outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder.

Obama Says Adviser 'Confused' on Marriage Equality 'Evolution'

Obama Says Adviser 'Confused' on Marriage Equality 'Evolution'

Just one day after reports that former Obama aide David Axelrod indicated that Obama's supposed 'evolution' to support marriage equality was 'bullshit,' the president fired back.

Obama Supported Marriage Equality All Along, Says Adviser

Yes, Obama Supported Equal Marriage All Along

David Axelrod, a longtime strategist for Barack Obama, makes the assertion in a new book.

Op-ed: The LGBT Significance of the State of the Union

Op-ed: The LGBT Significance of the State of the Union

Obama made a game-changing argument in his recent speech: that protecting the LGBT community furthers national security, says the deputy director of HRC Global.

WATCH: Obama Hopes Supreme Court Makes 'Right Decision' on Marriage Equality

WATCH: Obama Hopes SCOTUS 'Comes to the Right Decision'

In a series of interviews with popular YouTube stars, the president expressed cautious optimism about the future of marriage equality nationwide.

Op-ed: Will Obama's State of the Union Address Include Full Equality?

Op-ed: Will Obama's SOTU Address Include Full Equality?

President Obama has an opportunity to do something bold for LGBT Americans. Will it happen?

Anderson Cooper Disses VP Joe Biden for Skipping Paris Rally

WATCH: Anderson Cooper Disses Biden for Skipping Rally

The out CNN anchor tells David Letterman the vice president spends his weekends watching Gilmore Girls.

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