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Canadian Bus Driver Refuses to Work, Citing ‘Radical Sexual Movement’

Bus Driver: Rainbow Decal Violates His Religious Freedom

A Calgary public transportation driver refuses to steer any bus decorated in rainbow colors.

From Showgirl to CEO: Trans Businesswoman Angelica Ross Tells All
September 01 2015 4:05 PM ET

Trans Businesswoman Angelica Ross Tells All

The former lounge singer tells The Advocate how she survived sex work and a suicide attempt, found spirituality, and made peace with her mom.

Pride at Work Tells Human Rights Campaign: ‘Enough Is Enough’

Pride at Work Tells HRC: ‘Enough Is Enough’

Pride at Work has asked all unions to stop supporting the Human Rights Campaign until it addresses issues with its Corporate Equality Index, which could result in HRC losing more than $100,000.

WATCH: Did a Texas Chef Refuse to Cater This Couple's Wedding?

WATCH: Did a Texas Chef Refuse to Cater This Gay Wedding?

Plans for a same-sex wedding at the Hilton Garden Inn in Plano, Texas, are on hold as the hotel investigates allegations of antigay statements by the chef.

Chris Christie Opposes Anti-LGBT Discrimination Disguised as 'Religious Liberty'

Chris Christie (Kind of) Opposes 'Right to Discriminate' Laws

The Republican governor of New Jersey broke ranks with his fellow presidential candidates, saying he does not believe LGBT people should be denied service.

WATCH: Rentboy CEO Defends Embattled Business

Rentboy CEO Defends Embattled Escort Business

After the feds arrested him and six other employees Tuesday, Jeffrey Hurrant argued his company is legitimate.

Is New Denver Chick-Fil-A Franchise Doomed Over LGBT Issues?

Access Denied: Denver Flyers Won't Yet 'Eat Mor Chikin'

A proposed Chick-fil-A franchise in Denver International Airport has been put on hold as City Council members raise concerns about the company's antigay positions.

Infamous Christian Bakers Send Cakes to LGBT Organizations

Infamous Christian Bakers Send Cakes to LGBT Organizations

The Oregon couple who refused to make a cake for a same-sex wedding and were fined $135,000 make a surprising move.

Op-ed: The Economist's Out Marketing Boss on Corporate Inclusivity

Op-ed: The Out Economist on Corporate Inclusivity

The venerated magazine's chief marketing officer says corporations must go beyond being LGBT-friendly; they have to let prospective employees know they'll be respected.

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