Fed Up With Exxon? Pump Here Instead

ExxonMobil is a notoriously poor place for LGBT people to work if they want equal benefits. Bring your business to a more equality-minded company, as ranked by HRC's Corporate Equality Index.



Chevron Corp.
Chevron is the only company in the oil and gas division of HRC's index that earned a perfect 100 rating in 2012, and it's the only oil company to offer transgender-inclusive health insurance coverage up to par with HRC's standards.

Yes - Prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation (15 points)
Yes - Prohibits discrimination based on gender identity or expression (15 points)
Yes - Offers partner health/medical insurance (15 points)
Yes - Has parity across other "soft" benefits for partners (10 points)
(Half credit for parity across some, but not all benefits)
Yes - Offers transgender-inclusive health insurance coverage (10 points)
Yes - Firm-wide organizational competency programs (10 points)
Yes - Has employer-supported employee resource group OR firm-wide diversity council (10 points)
(Half credit if would support ERG if employees express interest)
Yes - Positively engages the external LGBT community (15 points)
(Partial credit of 5 points given for less than 3 efforts)
No - Employers will have 25 points deducted from their score for a large-scale official or public anti-LGBT blemish on their recent records (-25 points)

Total: 100