PHOTOS: Stars Join Lisa Vanderpump in Boycott of Beverly Hills Hotel

The red carpet at the opening for Lisa Vanderpump's new WeHo lounge, Pump, was abuzz about another property currently in hot water — The Beverly Hills Hotel, owned by the sultan of Brunei, who recently implemented Sharia law in his Asian nation. 



Joanna Krupa (The Real Housewives of Miami)
"I don’t care what country you come from. You need to be up to date," added The Real Housewives of Miami's Joanna Krupa. "Stoning, just because someone is gay, is disgusting. It’s repulsive. It’s embarrassing to be a human being and have those words come out of your mouth. I’m all for what Lisa has said, and hopefully, things will change. ... A boycott is a strong way to send a message, and probably the only way to send a message."

Ross Mathews (Hello Ross)
"I support sending a message loud and clear," Mathews said. "And whatever it takes until that message is heard, that’s what I support. And I stand with the LGBT community 100 percent, and whatever we, as a community, decide to do as the best course of action, that’s what I stand by. If it takes a boycott for them to hear us … then that’s what we need to do. ... If I were holding an event, I would not book it there right now."