George Takei Wants to Know: Are You Afraid of PDA?

He shared a video that he says should help end "the ick factor" in public discourse.



George Takei is using Upworthy to call for some long overdue cultural change: "Let's 'kick the ick' out of our public discourse," he writes.
"I've spoken often about the 'ick' factor — the visceral reaction many have to the sight of something unfamiliar, like two men kissing," writes Takei, who is a guest curator for the viral phenom website. "When I was growing up, the reaction toward interracial couples was similar, and that disgust over white/non-white intimacy was used to justify laws against interracial marriage. Many use their irrational discomfort over gay intimacy to justify discrimination."
Takei, who was also profiled this weekend in The New York Times, shared an ABC News report from last month that he said should serve as a personal test — "Do I have a bit of the 'ick' in me?" Watch the "What Would You Do?" segment about a gay couple showing affection at a Vicksburg, Miss. restaurant below: