Dream Gigs for Young Gays



BUSINESS LIST APPLE X560 | ADVOCATE.COM1. Google — Mountain View, Calif.
HRC Equality Index Score: 100
From the swanky, fun headquarters to the much-touted 20% time allotted to its employees to work on developing new projects unrelated to their day-to-day tasks, Google is rated the most desirable employer among young workers. Nearly a quarter of those surveyed said they wanted to work for one of the best-known tech companies in the world, for several good reasons, but one in particular is its diversity outreach and support. Sure, gay Googlers can join Gaygle, the company's LGBT affinity group. However, most notably, Google took a stand for marriage equality in California in 2008 and decided last year to financially assist its employees in domestic partnerships who have to pay extra taxes for their partners' health benefits.

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