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 In a time of economic calamity, one voice rises above the panic. Suze Orman is here to help -- she's offered her will and trust kit free to Advocate readers. Click the story for more info.



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Since coming out
of the closet in a February 2007 New York Times Magazine
article, Orman has continued to put her money -- her net
worth is estimated at over $30 million -- where her
mouth is. Most recently, she’s been working
with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., filming public
service announcements assuring depositors that their money
will be protected if their bank fails. She used her
relationship with the institution to convince FDIC
chair Sheila Bair to change rules regarding insurance
for certain trust accounts, in order to eliminate
discrimination against same-sex partners. Now a same-sex
partner named as the account holder’s
beneficiary will receive the same coverage as a legal
spouse or any other beneficiary.

“Will I
forever continue to fight for us?” Orman asked the
HRC audience. “You betcha I will.” And
you can take that promise to the bank: Orman has
offered her will-and-trust kit free to Advocate readers. Go
to, click on the "Will
& Trust Kit" link in the left-hand navigation bar,
click on the orange gift code button, and enter "Advocate"
as the password. From there, follow the online instructions
to redeem and activate the free kit. 

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