June July 2016
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The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, the first woman to head a major party's ticket, has added to her delegate count.

June 07 2016 9:25 PM Updated

"This is really the system's lynching of Jasmine Richards," says fellow Black Lives Matter organizer and scholar Dr. Malina Abdullah.

June 07 2016 1:28 PM

We finally have it: the picture the internet's been waiting for. But why did we wait so long? 

June 06 2016 10:01 PM

The NRA released a new ad targeting LGBT voters in hope they will not support anti-gun legislation proposed by California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom. 

June 06 2016 10:24 AM

During a rally, he actually pointed and said, "Look at my African-American over here."

June 04 2016 6:22 PM

A new study shows that things haven't changed, even in weed-friendly states.

June 04 2016 2:17 PM

A demonstration outside a Trump rally in San Jose turned violent before police in riot gear moved in to quell the disturbance, which lasted into the night.

June 03 2016 12:21 PM