Minister From Viral Video Is Not a Gay Rights Champion After All

Church Leader in Viral Video Not a Gay Rights Champion After All

The Georgia minister who called out homophobes actually opposes same-sex marriage — but he distinguishes between 'personal theology and public policy.'

Minister to LGBT People: Thanks for Making Me More Antigay

Minister to LGBTs: Thanks for Making Me More Antigay

LGBT progress, including marriage equality, motivates him to step up his 'Christian' opposition, a Nashville pastor writes.

Franklin Graham: Obama Promoting 'Immorality' by Supporting LGBT Rights in Kenya

Franklin Graham: Obama Is 'Exporting Immorality' to Kenya

The president is advocating for 'the gay & lesbian agenda,' Graham writes on Facebook.

Satanic Statue Unveiled in Detroit As Christians Protest

Satanists Unveil Colossal Statue Over Christian Protests

Satanists unveiled a statue of Baphomet in a secret ceremony, despite Christian protests.

Indiana Clerk, Fired for Refusing Same-Sex Marriage License, Claims Biblical Defense

Fired Antigay Clerk Sues for 'Religious Discrimination'

Linda Summers, who was terminated last December for refusing to do her job, is now suing in federal court claiming 'religious discrimination.'

Methodist Pastors Face Church Trial Over Support for Ex-Pastor's Marriage

Methodist Pastors Face Sanctions Over Same-Sex Wedding

The Michigan ministers officiated the same-sex wedding of a fellow pastor forced to resign last week because he is gay.

WATCH: Gay Pastry Chef Defends Antigay Bakers, Calls Protesters 'Nazis'

Gay Pastry Chef Asks Bakery Protesters 'Are You Stupid?'

One pastry chef denounces 'my fellow gay and lesbian community' for 'bullying' Christian bakers who refuse orders for same-sex wedding cakes.

Will Christian Groups Abandon Boy Scout Troops Now That Gays May Lead Them?

Will Christian Groups Abandon Boy Scout Troops?

Support for the Scouts hinges on a key provision in the proposal, an exemption for religiously chartered packs and dens.

Love Wins: American and Canadian Soccer Stars Tie the Knot

Love Wins: Two Women's Soccer Stars Tie the Knot

They played for rival teams but now are united, and to fellow Christians Ella Masar sends a message: Love conquers all.

What Do Recent Signs Say About the Pope?

What Do Recent Signs Say About the Pope?

Diplomatic dispute calls Francis’ openness to LGBTs into question.

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