We had a meeting at the Screen Actor's Guild and they said that there is a march and I said well I'm already going to go. We took a vote and the group decided to send me, our legal counsel, the publicist, the diversity guy and a lot of actors.

It's sort of neat that this was happening this year and I got to go and stand up for who I was and still get to guest star in a major television show that everybody watches and digs. I think that would not have happened for me 10 years ago. The idea that I played a straight guy in The Closer in 2009 and then I went to march publicly in Washington representing my fellow actors in the Screen Actor’s Guild was sort of neat. Don’t you think when you say it that way?

I will give you an example. When I came out in 1993. In 1994 or '95, I was on a special on Comedy Central called Out There in Hollywood and they arranged for me to be in car in West Hollywood gay pride parade. On the car it said Jason Stuart Comedy Central Out There in Hollywood. Lea Delaria came over and said, “Finally you came out! Why did you wait so long?” And I looked at her and I had this sort of dumb look on my face and I thought I didn’t know I could.

So, back to the march in D.C., we flew in on Friday night. I went to the Eagle, the leather bar -- and some of the most beautiful men I’ve seen in the country were there that night. Everybody was so friendly. There was a certain warmth that seemed to fill the bars. I don’t know if I was feeling a certain way, or a sense of pride. I met people from all over the country -- certainly a lot of people from New York, a lot of people from Boston, and the East Coast, as well as people from California and the Midwest.

The Human Rights Campaign had given me a ticket to go see Obama but I thought, "I got to be with my peeps because I can’t not do this. It would be wrong." So we all sit in this bar watching Obama speak -- a gay sports bar, which is strange itself. And I say, "put the television on" and they were all, "it’s a sports bar." "No, but the president is speaking!" And we did and you get this emotional feeling in your heart.

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