And then got up early and met at McPherson Square at the Farragut Statue. We had the Theatre Union, the Actors Union and we had actors, writers and producers, and all sorts of comedians and singers. It was wonderful. And we marched with our large Screen Actor’s Guild sign and it was just really amazing. It went for almost three miles. People recognized us from all over the country, so we were taking pictures and videos, it was almost like this incredibly, large opening of this incredible film.

When I got to the rally I just kept walking towards the front and I didn’t have a pass for backstage. I didn’t think to get one. I was standing there and people kept recognizing me. A volunteer said, "what are you doing here?" This gal gave me a pass, Ashley Love. She gave me a pass and I went backstage.

What was interesting was that everyone who we see at all these events, Bruce Cohen and his husband, Dustin Lance Black, Doria Biddle and Frank DeCaro from Sirius Radio, Michelle Clooney from Queer as Folk -- everybody that we see at all of these events in Los Angeles was now here. It's interesting. It is always the same people who are showing up and that was sort of a nice warm feeling.

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