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IAN HARVIE 02 X390 (DARREN SETLOW) | ADVOCATE.COM Is it true that you went to an all female college?
Yes, Lasell in Newton, Mass. It's coed now and much bigger. I would lo-o-ove to go back there and do a show! I keep writing to them, but no response. Hmm ...

Where do you see the acceptance of transgender individuals going within the next 10 years?
In the next 10 years, I imagine more acceptance and safety for trans kids coming out and being loved and supported by their family, friends, and schools. My girlfriend's mother is an elementary/middle school principal in Maine, and their school is reworking school policies to be more inclusive of trans kids and their needs. She ran some stuff by me and was interested in my feedback. This was really exciting news for me to hear coming from a rural town in my home state of Maine! It makes me really hopeful. I also imagine more legislation being passed with great organizations like the Transgender Law Center to protect trans folks rights in nondiscrimination laws around employment, housing, and health care. I imagine that if we did a check-in 10 years from now, there will be tremendous growth in these areas of change.

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