The One-Woman Show




 Do you seek out to include LGBT material in your stand-up routines or do you mostly draw on personal experiences? 

All my material is based on my observations and personal experiences — and that always includes LGBT material.

 You were the final female contestant on NBC’s Last Comic Standing. How was that experience?
All competitions are very hard; no one wants to go to work and compete with their coworker every day. When you are in a competition it tends to make everyone a bit of a backstabber. Imagine being in a house with 12 other comics going for the prize — at one point I was hoping to be voted off the island! However, it did make me grow as a comic, as I was forced to be better every week. In the end, I made it to the finals, and it has been great for my career. People still come up to me and tell me that I should have won, and I respond that my fans are so old that they couldn't make that many calls from a rotary phone!

Everyone has that one first date story they can never live down. What’s yours?
I can barely remember yesterday ... My first date was so long ago, it probably took place on a stagecoach!

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