The One-Woman Show



MICHELE BALAN GLASSES X390 (FAIR) | ADVOCATE.COM Who is one of your major influences that inspired you to take a shot in the entertainment business?
I started by doing Bette Midler impersonations in the '80s. I know — I only look 30. I loved Bette, and everyone said I reminded them of her. So I became a female female impersonator. I entered a contest with all the other drag queens at a bar and I won, and the next thing you know, I was booked at gay clubs and house parties. That is how my stage career started. I was an executive at a company by day, Bette Midler by night!

Other than comedy, are you pursuing any other endeavors?
I do travel a lot doing comedy, but I would like to pursue performing my one-woman show that I am writing. I also write for shows. I would also like to get back to pursuing acting. But my biggest goal is to win the lottery, then stay home and watch Law & Order all day!

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