The Jason of All Trades




What are some of your gay-related upcoming projects? 

On Friday, August 12, I am headlining the Muckenthaler Outdoor Theatre in Fullerton, Calif., to benefit the Center Orange County with Jennie McNulty. I am also in two gay films that are soon to be released. In Walk a Mile in My Pradas, with Tom Arnold and Dee Wallace, I play a Jewish doctor — my mother is thrilled. In Finding Mr. Wright,
starring Matthew Montgomery, Rebekah Kochan, and David Moretti, I play
one half of a couple that is obsessed with the movie star Rebekah
plays. My husband is Scotch Ellis Loring.


Being a gay male, has this made you sympathetic to other minority
groups, such as immigrants and African-Americans?

Yes. Also, being Jewish and having a father who was in the Holocaust has
made me even more aware of others. The comedy from my Jewish family
just never stops. I called my mother on the phone recently and I told
her I met a new guy in Key West named Darren. She asks, "Is he gay?" I
said, "No, he's a leprechaun! Of course he is — that’s the most
important part!”

Have you ever had a bad experience in performing stand-up where someone in the crowd did not accept you because you were gay?

Yes, I was in Texas at the Laff Stop, where I was selling out and having
a great show. This guy who was really drunk yelled out, “You all have
AIDS.” After a beat, I said, “I guess we are having an uncomfortable
moment!" and the crowd roared. This is where I learned not to give my
power away as a comic. Now that has become a catchphrase in my act.
So I should really thank that guy.  

What is your best gay joke?

Come on, straight people— if you let us marry each other, we will stop marrying you!

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