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Erin Foley, a lesbian comedian with her comedy roots in New York City, has spent the last few years in Los Angeles building a strong and respectable following. In addition to a rising acting career and various appearances on popular comedy shows, including Comedy Central Presents, Foley talks with The Advocate about LGBT discrimination and how she uses comedy as a tool to fight homophobia and various other social ills.

The Advocate: Do you use comedy as an outlet for dealing with your sexual orientation?
Erin Foley:  I use, have used and will continue to use comedy as an outlet for every issue, every minute of the day. Dealing with sexual orientation? Yes. Dealing with Republicans? Yes. Dealing with my size 11 feet? Yes. Dealing with my inability to sustain a long-term relationship? Yes. Dealing with my random obsession with The Bachelorette? Yes. Everything? Yes.

A majority of your stand-up is based on personal experiences. Are there any topics that you are not comfortable with talking about onstage?
I’m not comfortable talking about nude nylons, the Red Sox, cankles, nail polish, frisée, shoes that feel like a sneaker, fruit bats, and red tide.

From a social standpoint, do you believe that gay men are judged more harshly than lesbians?
Yes, I do. Although I also that believe that super-butch lesbians are harshly judged as well. Every individual should be celebrated for who they are and not placed in some box of conformity. Unfortunately, earthlings cling to this stereotypical notion of what defines a man and what defines a woman. Sexuality is not black and white; it morphs, it’s blurry, it’s nebulous. How fun is that! Some men like to carry purses. I want to be a wide receiver for the New York Giants. This should be embraced.

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