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ERIN FOLEY GREEN HOODIE X390 (PROVIDED) | ADVOCATE.COM You joined hundreds of other celebrities in posing for the No H8 campaign, a silent protest over the passage of Proposition 8 in California.  What was a major element that drew you to this particular LGBT campaign?
I thought the photographs by Adam Bouskas were stunning, powerful, different, bold, and beautiful — keep inserting fantastic adjectives here. It was a very classy, artistic protest that captured the essence of the movement. The hatred you feel coming from the Right can be crippling at times, so the premise is “no on hate.” Simple as that. Did you just call me a celebrity? Hold on, I need to call my mom.

Is it true that you turned down an offer to be on The Real L World: Los Angeles?
There was no actual formal offer to be on The Real L Word. I was approached early on and ultimately decided it wasn’t for me. I’m a very private person, which makes for horrible reality television. Of course, I watch it. It’s in my contract as a lesbian. Plus, it’s fun to scream at the TV: NO! NO! OMG! Is this happening? Holy shit!
You spent close to a decade living in New York City. What is the biggest difference between LGBT life in New York and Los Angeles?

Thankfully, both New York and Los Angeles have fantastic LGBT communities. The biggest difference is that there are more lesbian bars in New York; definitely more lipstick lesbians in L.A. In regard to Chelsea versus West Hollywood: I moved out of West Hollywood because I didn’t want to iron my clothes before getting a coffee. That’s why I loved living in Chelsea. I could have walked to the store nude and nobody would have noticed.
You had a memorable role in the very successful movie Almost Famous. What inspired you to take a more serious part in a serious movie?
I auditioned and they said yes.

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