The 5 Hottest Transgender Comedians

From a goth lesbian to a socialite with man-hands to an FTM who passes for gay, here are the funniest trans comedians today.



Bethany Black

A true triple threat, 34-year-old Bethany Black is generally billed as "Britain's only goth lesbian transsexual comedian," but she's so much more than that. Her darkly sardonic take on the world and her public struggles with everyday mental health maladies (depression, insomnia, etc.) make Black relatable. With her Twitter presence @BethanyBlack, the part-time roller derby girl sends out both realist and absurd bons mots but isn't afraid to take down a fan who uses the slur "tranny." While you have to go to Europe to see her live, you can follow her Tweets from anywhere in the globe. Here are just a few recent messages from Black:

"When I die I want to be buried, so in a few million years I'll be oil that's used for plastic to make bags so people can pick up dog poo."

"Someone at the vet has a kitten called Barry. Fucking brilliant."

"I think it's prudent to occasionally wake the cat up by sticking my bum in her face. See how she likes it."

"In that picture of the Pope he's smiling a lot for an old bloke who's just had his nuts felt up by a priest."

"I just burned some Crumpets. Looks like our toaster's elected a new Pope."

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