Blanche Week Finale! Jodie Foster and RuPaul Jokes

We're finishing our week of celebrity roasts with a double blanching!

BY Jami Smith

June 07 2013 7:43 PM ET

Remember, we only roast the ones we love and today's celebrities are no exception. Our Twitter followers have posted their best jokes about drag superstar, RuPaul, and (maybe out?) Academy Award winner, Jodie Foster.

While you're voting, remember that you can still vote on any of our previous Blanche Week jokes! The jokester with the most overall votes will be crowned, "Best Blancher Ever" next week.

​In no particular order, here are the top jokes about RuPaul and Jodie Foster. Vote for your favorite at the bottom of the page! Vote as often as you like; irrational obsessive behavior is encouraged by Gaysayer.


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