The 10 Cattiest, Craziest Antigay Comments of 2013

Drawing on religious zealots, right-wing politicians, and more, we list 10 bigots whose insane antigay comments proved they're crazier than a bag of cats.



Gordon Klingenschmitt: Trans Equality Is the Demon of Rape

Noted homophobe and disgraced former Navy chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt expanded his vitriol in 2013 to encompass not only gay and lesbian people but transgender people as well. On his program Pray in Jesus Name in November, Klingenschmitt referred to parents who support trans youth as child abusers and vilified those fighting for trans equality, telling his viewers, “There’s not just a demon of deception here or confusion or sexual immorality, but there is a demon of rape inside of this movement [that intends] to violate your daughters.”

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