The 10 Cattiest, Craziest Antigay Comments of 2013

Drawing on religious zealots, right-wing politicians, and more, we list 10 bigots whose insane antigay comments proved they're crazier than a bag of cats.



Brian Camenker: Gays Provoke Bashings and Can’t Be Athletes due to Psychological Issues

According to right-wing activist Brian Camenker, who leads the antigay group MassResistance, LGBT people provoke bashings. While discussing the situation in Russia with fellow homophobe Linda Harvey of Mission America on her radio show in October, Camenker claimed, “The natural way people react to homosexuality — outside of all the diversity training — is a certain amount of revulsion. So if two men start kissing in the public street, you can expect a certain reaction from people.”

“There’s some provocation going on,” he added before claiming that LGBT people don’t have the makings of great athletes because of “the psychological issues that are going through you in the homosexual lifestyle.”

“Because you just need this very high degree of stability, alertness, everything else, so you see almost no athletes, you know, homosexuals in the professional sports or the high level, football leagues or baseball or anything like that, almost none,” he said.

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