WATCH: Bill Hader on Aggressive Stefon Fans and Kissing Ty Burrell

Fans of Bill Hader's SNL character Stefon can get pretty aggressive, even in front of Hader's young daughter. Hader also dishes on Conan about his steamy scene with Ty Burrell in his latest film, The Skeleton Twins.



Bill Hader appeared on Conan on Monday night to promote his new Sundance hit, The Skeleton Twins. The film also stars former SNL buddy Kristen Wiig and Modern Family's Ty Burrell, who plays Hader's ex-lover. Hader tells Conan that he called Burrell to inform him that their steamy make-out scene was cut from the film. "Remember that wonderful night we had together? Well, they cut it."

Hader also reminisces about his popular gay character Stefon and how aggressive fans can still get when they see him. "One time I was on a corner with our daughter, Harper, who was 5 months old and in a Baby Bjorn. A guy walked up to me and goes, 'I so want to fuck Stefon." 

Watch Hader's aggressive fan story below:


Here's Hader talking about his romantic scene with Ty Burrell:

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