Our Favorite Colbert Moments

Our favorite fake conservative is taking over the Late Show from David Letterman, and here's why we're pretty pleased about it.



Colbert on Jason Collins's coming out: "Now when I hoop it up with my basketbros, I can't use expressions like, 'Take it to the hole' or 'jamming the rim' or 'hey, let's touch each other's penises...'"

Colbert on gay weddings at the Grammys: "Officially it was only 33 couples, but who knows how many people were inadvertently gay married last night? It’s just like a Gallagher concert. The first two rows are in the gay splash zone..."

Colbert's interview with transgender author and advocate Janet Mock is pretty great, compared to her previous (and insanely uncomfortable) appearance on Piers Morgan Tonight...


Hey, Colbert on Letterman in 2010. How cute...