#TBT: The 12 Campiest Songs Ever Recorded

Dark purple camp, from the golden age of homosexuality. All right, millennials — learn this!



Yma Sumac: "Tumpa"(or anything she recorded), 1954
Space goddess from the Planet Mary, Yma Sumac is still uncategorizable. But to see her recordings being lip-synched to by a tattered Latina drag queen at a low-rent bar is to know God.


Johnny Mathis: "Misty," 1959
Lady Miss Mathis held out for a few centuries before he finally dropped the giant hairpin. His voice defined a smoother-than-glass era of echo chambers and backup choruses. How did anyone not know?


Lesley Gore: "You Don't Own Me," 1963
Her proto-feminist pop song should have been a clue about where her real love life was headed. Lesley is one of our own, and this is a near-perfect musical moment.

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