Aug Sept 2016
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#Throwback Thursday: Is Your Body Bathing Suit Ready?

Yep. It's past Memorial Day. You put it off far too long, and you really can't skip a whole summer. Perhaps these glimpses of high-waisted, strappy, liner-less suits from the past will help inspire you to pull it together. Or, like me, you can sign up for the Bacon-of-the-Month Club.

1938 Jantzenx633 0
Women aren't the only victims of perfect-body expectations. This 1938 Janzten ad shows the original inspiration for Barbie's legs. On a man.

1940slifeguardx633 0
Sudden bathing suit strap drop syndrome. Get vaccinated.

White Beltx633 0
Belted for your pleasure.

Vintage Swimsuitsx633 0

"R" stands for Really Fit.

Rock Emergingx633 0
Rock Hudson in a tasteful square-cut.

Surfers Bondi Beach 1930sx633 0

Up to no good on Bondi Beach in the '30s.

Jantzen Brylcreemx633 0

Before and after shots. Brylcreem adds such lovely highlights to the thighs.

Rudolph Valentinox633 0
Rudolph Valentino, before the invention of bathing suit liners.

55catalinax633 0
Take your pick. Many selections available for those with belly button modesty issues.

Bobby Shermanx633 0

I have to go lie down for a minute. Caption this one yourself.

Girliex633 0
Something super gay is going on here. Not quite sure what. I'm sure our readers will help.

Summer Men Footballx633 0
Made you look!

Dad Ondockx633 0
Remember when Dad used to go out with that dirty cushion and lie right down on the dock? Oh, the splinters were something awful.

Sal Mineox633 2

Sal Mineo in Who Killed Teddy Bear? 1965

Rock And George Nadarx633 0
Rock Hudson and George Nader rubbing flanks.

Beardx633 0
"Stop it! Stop it! No! I won't be your beard!"

Tab Hunter Nureyevx633 0

Tab Hunter and Rudolf Nureyev should probably get a room.

Bvdx633 0
Feeling very "Colonel" these days. Damn cronuts.

55jantzenswimsuitsx633 0
Plaid about the boy.

Suddenly2x633 0
Caution: White bathing suits can become completely transparent when wet on the beaches of North Africa.

Germany 20sx633 0
More "pre-liner" bathing suits. In fact, not sure these are even bathing suits. More like tattered bits of stretchy fabric that have lost all sense of support and decency.

Cliftx633 0
Monty Clift in an "up-shorts" shot.

Dianex633 0

It's a MAN'S BATHING SUIT, damn it. It says so in huge letters.

Early 70sx633 0
Cunning '70s suits. But those hip zippers are going to be quite twisty when you need to take a leak.
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