#TBT: Famous Moments On the Wrong Side of History

One day we will laugh at the freak out over marriage equality. After all, the zipper frightened people to death at one time, too. Here are some historic lows of paranoid impediments to progress.



Above left: A 1937 ad touting zippers. Above right: Andy Warhol's Sticky Fingers album cover with real zipper.

The Zipper: How the Devil Gets In Your Pants
The zipper as an invention was created in the late 1800s, but it's common use in clothing didn't take hold until the '30s. Esquire magazine declared the zipper the "Newest Tailoring Idea for Men" and among the zippered fly's many virtues was that it would exclude "The Possibility of Unintentional and Embarrassing Disarray." Obviously, the new zippered trouser owners had not yet discovered the experience of forgetting to zip-up. But at the same time Christian Crusaders decried the zipper as the quick access opening to Hell. As late as 2011, Pastor Sydney Marlin claimed its sinful heritage in the book, Woman, Yes You Can! from Xulon Press. He writes "My wife, has at times worn front zipper jeans or other types and I said nothing about it when I should have. We have allowed what we think is right to override what God mandates as not culturally acceptable." Then there's Vivian Westwood.