Aug Sept 2016
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#TBT: Sweater Queens

Before frenulum piercings, before neck tattoos, before beardos, a young or young-appearing gay gentleman strove for a relaxed sophistication. Perhaps a nice ID bracelet. A good Cartier tank watch. A class ring. A splash of Guerlain Vetiver. You ordered a dry martini at the bar, unless you had a signature drink like a Rob Roy or a Sazerac. And yes, even though you were in a gay bar, you did not talk about being gay, my dear.

Gayitudex633 0
Decked out in sweaters, ascots, and dickeys, the boys felt more than ready for a night of alcohol and bitter laughter.

Inbred Royalsx633 0
Inbred royals set the trends for gay men everywhere.

Pipe Vestx633 0
More inbred royals in case you didn't get that.

PlayingFootsie Bearx633 0
"I feel you touching my foot, Ned. Don't toy with me. I'm delicate right now."

Vice Principalx633 0
Mr. Livermore, the vice principal, had a modeling contract on the side that few of the students knew about.

Sweaterqueansx633 0
After some mulled wine and some shooters of rye whiskey, the boys started losing the sweaters but fast.

Fauxtankx633 0
Manfred felt terribly clever in his faux tank and pleather pants. He had conquered the world of illusion.

Beltedwithbulletsx633 0
Belted with bullets: terrorist chic.

DoesThisSweaterMakeMeLookFatx633 0
I'm not fat. I'm husky.

Father Son Bulkyx633 0
Hold the phone! I found a new recruit for the mini-cowl neck sweater club!

Longpleatsx633 0
Leslie knew he was taking risks going to the Carriage Trade in his new placket-front perforated sweater — completely unbuttoned!

Balaclavax633 0
Some men like to have the ears undraped for easy access.

Banjox633 0
Steven had a hunch he would be a big hit with the boys at the peace rally with his banjo and his leather pants. The sweater vest his mother made topped off the dazzling effect.

Canshemakemeonetoox633 0
There was a joke we used to tell: A man at the bar drunkenly tells his friend, "My mother made me a homosexual." His companion blithely replies, "Can she knit me one too?"

Hanknitsformenx633 0
Queens from the Planet Cardigan.

Matching Helmetx633 0
Tim felt positively nifty in his matching sweater and helmet.

Math Petx633 0
We were positively mesmerized when Arthur stolled into the bar with his dog Max in matching sweaters.

Meninbeltedsweatersmagazinex633 0
Yes, there was a demand for a magazine called Men in Belted Sweaters.

Net Skivviesx633 0
Jay felt his impatience peaking. One more crack from his longtime roomate Glenn about his "net worth" and he was going to flip his lid!

Poncho Tankx633 0
It was a strange summer of knits.

Poolx633 0
No, dear, he doesn't think you're hot, he's appalled at your roots.

Promisex633 0
Promise you won't wear that sweater with those white shorts again, will you, Earl?

Shetlandx633 0
Queens from the Planet Shetlandia. Note loafers.

Combox633 1
So as you head into fall and perk up your wardrobe with some toasty little sweaters, remember the long history that knits us together as stylish gay men.
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