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Stephen Colbert Sings 'Oopsie-Daisy Homophobe'
April 18 2013 2:18 PM ET

Stephen Colbert Sings 'Oopsie-Daisy Homophobe'

Lucas Grindley

How "awful" does a song need to be to bring us all together?

April 16 2013 6:45 PM ET

WATCH: Gay of Thrones, the Gayest Game of Thrones Recap Ever

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The HBO fantasy series as recalled by a flamboyant hairdresser.

WATCH: Chelsea Lately Is Very Excited About African Gay Wedding
April 15 2013 2:09 PM ET

WATCH: Chelsea Panel Thrilled By African Gay Wedding

Lucas Grindley

Two 27-year-old men were married before about 200 of their friends, and that got the show's two gay guests pretty excited.

WATCH: It's Easy Pickings for Jon Stewart After Virginia Attorney General Tries to Ban Sodomy
April 10 2013 1:15 PM ET

WATCH: An Inevitable Daily Show Takedown of Sex Ban

Lucas Grindley

What could The Daily Show possibly have to say about an attorney general wanting to outlaw sodomy?

April 09 2013 7:45 PM ET

WATCH: Jeremy Irons Marries His Son, Randy Rainbow

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Oh, did you not realize that Jeremy Irons was the YouTube sensation's daddy?

'The Daily Show' on The Senate's Marriage Evolution
April 09 2013 12:45 PM ET

The Daily Show on The Senate's Marriage Evolution

Michelle Garcia

Jon Stewart takes aim at the slow-but-sudden evolution on marriage in Congress.

WATCH: North Korea's Leader 'Evolved' on Marriage Equality (on SNL)
April 07 2013 1:49 PM ET

WATCH: North Korea Evolves on Marriage Equality (on SNL)

Lucas Grindley

Maybe amateur diplomat Dennis Rodman had something to do with it?

WATCH: Stephen Colbert Riffs on Jeremy Irons and Marriage Equality
April 05 2013 5:20 PM ET

WATCH: Stephen Colbert Riffs on Jeremy Irons' Logic

Trudy Ring

Given Irons's theory that fathers might marry their sons if same-sex marriage is legal, Colbert looks at the implications for the Irons family.

WATCH: Jon Stewart on Right Wing's Obsessions With Bestiality and 'Wussification'
April 05 2013 4:48 PM ET

WATCH: Why Is The Right Wing Obsessed With Bestiality?

Trudy Ring

Stewart takes conservatives to task for their habit of bringing bestiality into discussions of marriage equality and for defending disgraced college basketball coach Mike Rice.

WATCH: Jon Stewart Takes Supremes to Task Over Antigay Discrimination
March 29 2013 12:28 PM ET

WATCH: Jon Stewart Takes Supremes to Task Over DOMA

Diane Anderson-Minshall

Comedian turned commentator Jon Stewart was on fire questioning the logic behind pretty much everything Justice Scalia said this week about same-sex marriage.

WATCH: Stephen Colbert Says Bill O'Reilly Is Pro-Goat Marriage
March 28 2013 6:03 PM ET

WATCH: Stephen Colbert Says Bill O'Reilly Is Pro-Goat Marriage

Sunnivie Brydum

Registering faux shock and awe at 'Papa Bear' Bill O'Reilly's recent statement that he's not bothered by same-sex marriage, Stephen Colbert drew the Fox commentator's statement to its natural conclusion.

Bill Maher's Graphic Redefinition of Marriage at the Supreme Court
March 28 2013 4:35 PM ET

Bill Maher's Graphic Redefinition of Marriage at the Supreme Court

Sunnivie Brydum

The liberal talk show host wants to know when marriage began requiring "ejaculating in a vagina."