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This Week in Best Tweet Ever We Are Distracted By Bieber Gomez
November 12 2012 6:28 PM ET

Best Tweet Ever: Breaking Bieber News Has Us Distracted

Jami Smith

Each week, we round up the most hilarious tweets for your amazement.

Someone Named Diane Sawyer Drunk Dials Randy Rainbow
November 08 2012 4:58 PM ET

Someone Named Diane Sawyer Drunk Dials Randy Rainbow

View at Out

WATCH The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Starring Rex Lee
November 05 2012 8:13 PM ET

WATCH: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Starring Rex Lee

Neal Broverman

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, one of the most popular shows of the Bravo franchises, kicks off its third season on Monday night at 9 p.m. ET.

The Donald Gets Trumped By Twitter Comedians
October 27 2012 11:25 AM ET

Best Tweet Ever! The Donald Gets Trumped By Twitter Comedians

Jami Smith

This week on the Web was just crazy, thanks to alleged billionaire Donald Trump.

9 LGBT Friendly Comedy Shows You Should Be Supporting
October 24 2012 1:54 AM ET

9 LGBT-Friendly Comedy Shows Deserve Support

Jami Smith

Here's our list of LGBT comedy shows across the country that shouldn't be missed.

Obama Sinks the Romney Battleship
October 23 2012 12:06 AM ET

Obama Sinks Romney’s Battleship

Jami Smith

Our Gaysayer comedians paid careful attention to the final debate. As fans of the 1980s, they were intitially impressed with Romney. But comedians love a good zinger. Bayonets!

Gaysayer Comedians Translate Latest Round of He Said He Said
October 17 2012 1:08 AM ET

Comedians Translate the Latest Round of He-Said, He-Said

Jami Smith

As the debates heat up, so do the political zingers. Thankfully, our Gaysayer comedians translated some of Mitt Romney’s policies on women, gun control, and job creation.

Sometimes Laughing Makes Coming Out Easier
October 11 2012 9:00 PM ET

Sometimes Laughing Makes Coming Out Easier

Jami Smith

National Coming Out Day was Thursday, and hopefully thousands of people made a difference by sharing their true selves.

Watch The Jon Stewart Solution to a Big Bird Image Problem
October 09 2012 9:11 PM ET

WATCH: Daily Show Solves the Big Bird Image Problem 

Lucas Grindley