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Best Tweet Ever Is a Plan B for Olympic Athletes
July 30 2012 7:00 AM ET

Best Tweet Ever: What's Plan B for an Olympic Athlete?

Jami Smith

Don't miss this week's best tweets from LGBT comedians and thier allies.

Watch Jon Stewart Tear Down the Antigay Logic of Chick-fil-A President
July 24 2012 1:56 PM ET

WATCH: Jon Stewart Tears Down Chick-fil-A President's Antigay Logic

Lucas Grindley

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart uses his "Gaywatch" segment to shine a light on the institutions t

WATCH Zach Galifianakis Speaks From the Future About the End of AIDS
July 24 2012 12:20 PM ET

WATCH: Zach Galifianakis Speaks From the Future About the End of AIDS

Jeremy Kinser

Zach Galifianakis, Sarah Silverman, Tracy Morgan, and Marisa Tomei are among celebrities who speak from the distance future to reveals changes humanity will have experienced in three years, includi

Comic Eddie Griffin Slings Lesbian Slur Receives Faceful of Wine
July 17 2012 2:08 PM ET

Comic Eddie Griffin Slings Lesbian Slur, Receives Faceful of Wine

Michelle Garcia

Comedian Eddie Griffin says his use of the word "dyke," directed at an audience member during one of his shows last week, was "slang, and not deragotory."

Jesse Tyler Ferguson Plays Sweater Vest Wearing Republican With a Secret
July 17 2012 12:22 PM ET

Jesse Tyler Ferguson Plays a Sweater-Vested Republican With a Secret

Lucas Grindley

In a new Funny or Die video, out actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson plays a congressional candidate of the kind photographed wearing sweater vests with Rick Santorum.

WATCH Daniel Tosh Gets Inappropriate With Male Coworkers
July 07 2012 2:19 PM ET

WATCH: Daniel Tosh Gets Inappropriate With Male Coworkers

Jeremy Kinser

Comedian Daniel Tosh puts his signature spin on a popular party game when he convinces male employees to take part in a showdown he calls "Slap, Lick, Fondle."

Best Tweet Ever: Tom Cruise Shaves His Beard
June 29 2012 6:51 PM ET

Best Tweet Ever: Comedians' Theories on TomKat Split

Jami Smith

If reports are true, Tom Cruise is soon to be single again for the third time.

WATCH What Happens When Theres a Dead Bear in the Bathtub
June 29 2012 2:28 PM ET

WATCH: What Happens When There's a Dead Bear in the Bathtub?

Jeremy Kinser

Three bears who share a home in Los Angeles find the dead body of a party guest in their bathtub and attempt to solve the murder.