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WATCH: Kermit Sings for Marriage Equality

This amusing parody about marriage and inevitable divorce equality is set to the tune of the Muppets classic "Rainbow Connection."

WATCH: Who Knew Twerking Could Be So Classy?

Yep, twerking is officially a thing — and not just for hip-hop videos anymore.

George Takei Breaks Down Effects of Gay Marriage

The Star Trek legend and gay icon reveals 6 Things That Will Happen Now That The Sanctity Of Marriage Is Destroyed.

WATCH: Randy Rainbow Meets Starboners in the Steam Room

The Youtube sensation and the boys of Steam Room Stories join comedy forces for their latest video.

Gaysayer Opinions: I Am Not a Homophobe

Op-ed: I Am Not a Homophobe

Gay comedian, Mike Gillerman, is tired of being scrutinized for not looking the part.

Do You Stand Out? We're Searching for The Best in Queer Comedy

Do You Stand Out? We're Searching for The Best in Queer Comedy

Send your YouTube clip to [email protected] to enter.

WATCH: Stephen Colbert Has Lots of Questions About DOMA, Prop. 8 Rulings

WATCH: Colbert Has Lots of Questions About Rulings

After the Supreme Court ruled part of DOMA unconstitutional and overturned Proposition 8 in California, Stephen Colbert was left with so many unanswered questions.

Judgment Gay: Daily Show Mocks Justice Scalia

Judgment Gay: Daily Show Mocks Justice Scalia

It came as no surprise that Justice Antonin Scalia would be displeased by the court's DOMA ruling.

WATCH: Is Rape Funny When It's Gay Rape?

We can't decide whether this new Funny or Die clip is offensive or just unfunny.

WATCH: Drama! Stephen Guarino Has 2 Minutes, 6 Seconds to Live

Logo is launching The Vines of Sauvignon Blanc, a soap opera for short attention spans available exclusively on Vine.

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