Op-ed: Unscrambling the Myths Behind Egg Donation

A straight, married mom wants to help you make a baby or two.



Through documenting these incredible stories, we'd like to raise awareness and share valuable insight so the general public as well as the many going through infertility and/or surrogacy can understand and accept their options. We'd like to also debunk the myth behind the egg donors, reveal their motivation and sacrifice as they go through this journey. And we want same-sex and queer couples to participate in this journey with us.

As filmmakers and producers, we are aware of what sells, and we decided early on not to sell out. Our commitment is steadfast and genuine. Clearly, we are aware of the sensitivity of this topic and have a very caring and capable team producing this series. Our behind-the-scenes team consists of women who've been donors themselves, couples who've gone through multiple IVF cycles, couples who've used egg donors to have a child, and even women who've had accidental pregnancies the old-fashioned way, and of course, the spouses who've supported them through thick and thin and continue to do so along with the doctor who has made it all possible.

The donor agency we work with, Gifted Journeys, believes that love — not marital status, sexual orientation, ethnic background, or finances — is what truly makes a family. And all of the people involved, including Vic Sahakian, MD, of Pacific Fertility Center and Gifted Journeys CEO Wendie Wilson-Miller, as well as my husband and I, view Egg Factor as a passion project. We're confident it will be a fantastic journey for the participants to have this very unique part of their lives to be documented.

We're seeking those who share the dream of being parents — straight, gay, married, single — to participate in sharing the ups and downs, and ins and outs of the egg donation from start to finish.

Participating prospective parents will be offered:
* Substantially reduced medical costs (up to 75%)
* Waived agency fees
* Discounted pharmaceuticals
Certain procedures and donor fees will still need to be paid, so only people seriously intending to become parents in pursuit of a real opportunity should apply.

Please send a cover letter with your story, your specific problems and needs, pictures and/or video to [email protected].

Our docuseries will crack open the world of egg donation and shed light on this taboo subject by putting real human faces to incredible stories, while raising the ethical bar of genetic science and exploring physical biology and the relentless nature of the human spirit, which will soar beyond all challenges to create a family.


LARA SARKISSIAN is the producer for Egg Factor.

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