Op-ed: How I Married 110 Same-Sex Couples

One secular celebrant's path to marrying more than 100 same-sex couples in New Mexico.



OK. I was not needed. Feeling a little awkward with my robe and stole over my arm, I stood with observers, families, and friends while media covered the event. The room brimmed with emotion. Part of me was full to the brim too, with gratitude for the chance to be even on the fringe of the occasion.

Then came the prayer, and the admonitions to become part of a faith community for the sake of their relationships caught my attention. I became uneasy, with a familiar feeling I had as a volunteer for the Red Cross after September 11, when I heard a speaker reference religion to a diverse, grief-stricken group. One-size-fits-all assumptions of religious uniformity are an ill-fitting garment for those in sorrow or happiness. I saw what looked like discomfort for some, and mine grew into a resolve to provide a secular option for any others who wanted to marry that day.