Op-ed: Is Burger King Being Hypocritical With LGBT Marketing?

Yes, the "Proud Whopper" ad was nice, but if Burger King's corporate policies aren't actually LGBT-inclusive, is the company just paying lip service?




Last year Amazon released “Husbands,” a commercial promoting its Kindle Paperwhite e-reader. The premise, essentially, is a man and a woman sit next to each other at the beach. The man, struggling to read the reflective screen of his iPad, turns to the woman next to him and asks about her new Kindle Paperwhite.

“We should celebrate,” the man says after ordering a Paperwhite of his own.

“My husband’s bringing me a drink right now,” the woman replies.

“So is mine,” the man says as the two look behind them to see a pair of waving men who are, presumably, their husbands.

Some declared the ad to be an endorsement of marriage equality, while others asked whether the payoff — that the man turned out to be gay — felt contrived and underwhelming. As for Amazon, as a company, however, it seems to generally get it right, scoring a 90 on this year’s CEI, losing 10 points for not offering transgender-inclusive health care to its employees.