Op-ed: Is Burger King Being Hypocritical With LGBT Marketing?

Yes, the "Proud Whopper" ad was nice, but if Burger King's corporate policies aren't actually LGBT-inclusive, is the company just paying lip service?




Allstate made a big splash this year with its massive print, digital, and out-of-home advertising offering. Additionally, it launched “Safe in My Hands,” a video spot that will melt even the coldest and most cynical of hearts (even if the whole “giant hand” angle is a bit reminiscent of the odd-yet-awesome Michel Gondry-directed video for Foo Fighters’ “Everlong”).

As a company, however, Allstate falls a bit short in terms of embracing its LGBT employees.

According to HRC’s CEI — which gave Allstate a rating of 85 — the company does not offer full benefits to same-sex couples in states that don’t have marriage equality. Additionally, the company’s employee health insurance excludes hormone therapy, lab work, and transition-related surgical procedures for transgender employees. Odd that a company that sells insurance wouldn’t offer inclusive insurance?