Op-ed: The 6 Gay Men You Never Want to Meet

Dating can be less like a jungle, and more like a house of horrors.




The Man with A Million Lives
You barely finished telling your friends about your recent trip to Hawaii before this loud mouth character piped in with his tale of how he parachuted into the mouth of an active volcano in Maui. This boastful breed of gay is worse than his hetero counterpart because not only has he done everything you have twice over in a speedo, he has the Photoshopped pictures on his Facebook to prove it. It doesn’t take long before you start calculating this deviant’s age with his seemingly unending list of accomplishments when it hits you. He must have a deal with the devil, because your calculator says he would have to be about 87 years old to have done all of the things he claims. No plastic surgeon is that good.

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