Op-ed: The 6 Gay Men You Never Want to Meet

Dating can be less like a jungle, and more like a house of horrors.



The Mimic
This guy is a tricky one to pin down. But once you do, abort all relations immediately. A natural thespian, this sinister villain has mastered the art of mirroring human emotions to draw in his prey. He’s charming, funny, sensitive and too perfect to be true… and for good reason. This puppet of a man is a certified sociopath. And once he has grown tired of you, he moves on to entertain the next victim without so much as a trace of emotion. All you are left with is a little bit of whiplash and the resounding question of, "Did I imagine it all?"

For those of you who are only screwed up in the traditional sense, take heed. These freakshows are real, they are available and they might even try to put a ring on it.


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