Op-ed: The 6 Gay Men You Never Want to Meet — Part II

Run! Get away while you still can!

BY Tyler Curry

November 08 2013 7:00 AM ET

The Leading Man
He flashes his smile and you are immediately hooked, and so is the rest of the room. Still, he is on a date with you, and you can’t help but feel a little bit simultaneously intimidated and excited. He is sweet, well-known, and impossibly handsome. Over dinner he intoxicates you with his dreams of settling down, his ideal wedding and when he wants to start adopting kids. But you start to wonder: How is this guy still single? But for this type of dastardly character, it’s about the show of it all. You may date for a couple weeks or even a couple months. Inevitably, he will get the itch to go out for another round of applause from the crowd once you get tired of clapping. (Illustrated by Clarione Gutierrez)

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