Op-ed: The 6 Straight Women That Gay Men Should Avoid

There's no doubt that many straight women and gay men have a special bond. But sometimes the chemistry is less cohesive and more explosive.



Peacock Polly
It might just be happy hour on a Tuesday night, but this material girl wants you to notice every single flashy label that she has piled on. The sun is going down, but her Dior sunglasses are still perfectly in place. The weather is pleasant, but she is showcasing her latest fur stole. From her blond extensions to her red-bottomed shoes, this showboat is an example of vapid marketing at its worst. But what’s worse is that she believes all gay men are just as obsessed with fashion and labels as she is and she expects you to worship the Louboutins that she walks on.

Not all gay men care about your ensemble, but most of us can quote one famous line from the immortal Coco Chanel: “Before you leave your house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” In Polly’s case, she should probably take off two or three.

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